Saint Mark Passion at Southwark Cathedral

Saint Mark Passion
















Song reCycle uses Handel’s music to create new passion oratorio

At Southwark Cathedral, Palm Sunday March 29th 6:30 pm, Free to the public

Song reCycle announces the world premier performance of Saint Mark Passion, a new oratorio created from existing music by G. F. Handel. Southwark Cathedral is proud to offer this concert freely to the public, no tickets required, on Palm Sunday, 29th March, 6:30 pm.

Saint Mark Passion was arranged by Song reCycle’s executive producer William Bouvel with music from 17 of Handel’s English oratorios, some popular and some lesser known including: The Messiah, Theodora, Belshazzar, Deborah, and Joseph and his Brethren. All musical selections are in English. The performance will last under two hours. It will be lead from the organ by James Sherlock and narrated by actor Thomas Guthrie. They are joined by soloists William Bouvel tenor, Christopher Dollins baritone, Holly Marie Bingham mezzo soprano, Cristina Jones soprano, Lucinda Stuart-Grant mezzo soprano, Julian Gregory tenor, Nicholas Beever baritone, and The Templar Scholars Choir conducted by Victoria Longdon.

This new oratorio elucidates how the gospel characters may have experienced the events of the passion as it unfolded, articulated through Handel’s emotionally expressive music. The themes of the musical selections are consistent with the themes of the gospel, even if they weren’t intended to be used for telling the Passion story. The result is an exciting reenergizing of existing music and an opportunity to connect more deeply with the humanity of Jesus’s arrest, trial, and crucifixion. The oratorio’s emphasis on humanity over theology is echoed in Mark’s gospel text, the earliest and least theological of the four gospels. You can read more about the project here.

Southwark CathedralSouthwark Cathedral is located in the heart of central London, on the south side of the Thames at London Bridge.