Twilight Meditation at St. James West Hampstead

Through the Christian structure of Evensong, all members of the public are invited to pray together using Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu texts. We celebrate what our religions have in common, and create a quiet space in the evening to reflect on our day together.  The service is less than a half hour.

Similar to a ‘Crowd Sourced Evensong’ William created and led in Chicago, this service creates meditative musical moments that require no musical training and allow each participant to dwell deeply with a text while contributing to a unifying sonic environment. William helped to create this new meditation with others from St. James Church West Hampstead who are looking to offer spiritual enrichment that includes all faith backgrounds.

The first meditation will take place at St James’ Church, Sherriff Road, London, NW6 2AP, Wednesday April 29th at 7pm.

All are welcome.